Welcome to High School Youth Ministry! At Christ the Redeemer, the goals of our High School Youth Ministry program are as follows:

  • Create a place where the teens of our parish feel welcome and have a sense of belonging and acceptance
  • Offer a wide variety of opportunities for teens to use their gifts and express their faith

Our Youth Ministry Team approach is designed to educate, inspire and witness our faith to the teens of the parish.  We invite high school youth to participate in a variety of activities and events, where they can join their peers and caring adults in actively living their Catholic faith.  Click on the link to the Youth Ministry Calendar below to view our schedule of events for the year.  For more information on specific activities, use the tabs provided. We also encourage Confirmed youth to exercise their leadership in the parish by ministering in the Youth Choir, as a lector, usher, or Eucharistic minister.  To discuss these possibilities, call our Youth Minister, Lisa Andridge, at 248-391-4074 ext. 16, or email her at highschool@ctredeemer.org.



Coffee House

Our Coffee House gatherings are held on Tuesday evenings during the school year from 7-9 p.m.   All high school students – grades 9-12 – are welcome.  We meet in the Disciples Room. Teens are invited to take a break from their busy week to relax, spend time with friends, reflect on issues that are important to them, share ideas, and see how the word of God comes alive through movies, discussions, speakers and a variety of games and activities. If you are a high school student, please join us!  You don’t have to show up every week – just come whenever you can.  Bring your friends for a night of fun, food and laughter!

CYO Rainbow Conference

Rainbow is a Catholic youth conference planned and organized by Catholic youth along with adult mentors who witness, encourage and grow with our teens.  Each year, teens from 90 churches around the Archdiocese of Detroit flock to the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center for two days of faith, fellowship and fun.  Participants take part in general sessions led by awesome speakers and musicians, attend workshops on a variety of timely topics, join together for Mass, and participate in social activities.  It’s a great way to meet teens from all over the Detroit area who are walking the same journey of faith.


Service and Ministry Opportunities

Spring & Summer Missions

Teens are full of energy and have a passion for “doing.”  They want to be active in their faith.  Our Spring and Summer Mission opportunities allow them to do just that!  For three days during Spring Break, and a week in July, we travel to the Brightmoor District of Detroit to work with the Motor City Blight Busters.  We roll up our sleeves, put on our work gloves, and help with their heroic efforts to rid the City of blight and despair.  By tearing down abandoned homes, painting murals and picking up trash, we leave our mark and spread Christ’s message to a struggling community.

30-Hour Famine

Each year, we invite our youth to participate in the national World Vision 30-Hour Famine event.  Students in grades 8-12 spend 30 hours fasting, while they work at local food pantries and soup kitchens serving those who are hungry.  They participate in a canned food drive and donate collected items to Oxford/Orion FISH food pantry.  Through games and prayer experiences, the teens learn more about those in our world who do not have enough to eat, and grow in their compassion for others.  We finish our fast by breaking bread together at Mass and then sharing a much appreciated meal!

Project Piece by Peace

Project Piece by Peace is an outreach program where students in middle school and high school along with their families venture out to serve others in our local communities. They spend a day helping with yard clean up and minor home repairs for those that cannot do these projects on their own. At the end of the day, we gather to celebrate Mass together and then share a meal. Her our young people have the opportunity to put other’s needs before their own and bring the light of Christ to others.

 Children’s Village

Children’s Village is a youth detention center in Pontiac. Each year our high school teens plan a very special Christmas party for residents here. They bake cookies, plan games, decorations and gifts and celebrate the birth of our Savior with others that otherwise might not have the privilege. We spend the afternoon playing games and getting to know the teens there as we share the joy of Christmas. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our young people to share the spirit of Christ with others.

Blessing of New Drivers

One of the most exciting milestones in a teen’s life is the privilege of driving.  At Christ the Redeemer, we celebrate this milestone with a blessing of our new drivers during Mass in the spring.  Our newest drivers take a safe driving pledge, receive a special blessing, and are gifted with a keychain from their Christ the Redeemer family – reminding them of the serious responsibility of driving and the prayers of the community that surround them as they take to the road.

Graduation Mass

High school graduation is a momentous occasion for our youth.  We honor this accomplishment with a special Mass for our graduates, where we invite them to serve as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, ushers and procession ministers.  After Mass, the graduates and their families share a wonderful meal celebrating their success.

Parent Involvement

WHAT CAN I DO? Parents often want to be involved in their teen’s life, but do not want to take away from their son or daughter’s experience. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Donate snacks for meeting nights.
  • Help make phone calls before an event.
  • Shop for supplies and food for events.

Parents are sometimes needed in a more visible presence, too. If all parents volunteer just a couple of times a year, it will be a win/win situation for both parent and teen, and will help make our events a success. Some options include:

  • Drive to an event.
  • Help facilitate weekly meetings.
  • Be a facilitator for any of our service events.

If you, as a parent or guardian, would like to stay in the loop with us, please forward your email to highschool@ctredeemer.org and we will add you to our email list. We know how busy our kids are today, and often details and information can fall by the wayside. We would be happy to include you in our regular emails which include event details, announcements, reminders, permission forms and pertinent information and articles regarding our teens. To help out in any of the ways above, or if you have any questions, please contact Lisa Andridge, Youth Minister, at 248-391-4074 ext. 16.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Background Check Form As a church we value the safety of young people in our care, our employees and volunteers and the people whom we serve. We want to take prudent measures to protect our human and material resources. Therefore, the Archdiocese mandates that criminal history background checks be conducted for all employees and volunteers who may have unsupervised contact with a child, the elderly or persons with disabilities. These forms are confidential and need to be renewed every 7 years. If you are spending any time with our youth, the elderly or disabled, you are required to complete this form. For a copy of the Background Check form, CLICK HERE. Volunteer Driver Information Form To ensure the safety of our youth, the Archdiocese mandates that certain information must be on file for travel in private passenger vehicles.

  • Driver must be 21 years of age.
  • Driver must have a current, valid, non-probationary license.
  • Driver has no substantially disqualifying factors (alcoholism, poor driving record, etc.).
  • Vehicle is validly registered as verified in writing by the driver/owner and has seat belts/restraints for each passenger.
  • Vehicle is insured for minimum limits of $250,000 per person and $500,000 per occurrence (as verified in writing by driver/owner).

To remain valid, this form must be renewed each year, or as often as any of the above criteria change. For a copy of the Volunteer Driver Information form, CLICK HERE. Health Form A Medical Treatment Authorization Form is required for all events. One form may be filled out at the beginning of the season in September, and is valid for the school year. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure these forms are current and any updates or changes are brought to the attention of the staff member in charge. For a copy of the Health form, CLICK HERE.

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