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The Christ the Redeemer Peace and Justice Committee seeks to respond to the challenges placed before us by the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching:

  • Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  • Call to Family, Community, and Participation
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  • The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
  • Solidarity
  • Care for God’s Creation

We research the causes and effects of conditions that impact the lives of the poor and marginalized within our communities.  We showcase and support acts of mercy organized and carried out by members of Christ the Redeemer Parish and the larger community. We share the fruits of our research with the community.  We participate in opportunities for action.


Emilio Arribas
Joe Buzzitta
Susan Buzzitta
Don Danko
Nancy Danko
Susan Donovan
Marilyn French
Amy Keyzer
Don Stone
Diane Vanslambrouck
Ed Vanslambrouck
Katelyn Wheeler
Dianne Zande


The Peace and Justice Committee needs help! Are you a good salesperson or poster creator? Do you have a favorite ecology related topic to share? Can you pick up material from downtown? Are you willing to share your favorite soup recipe? Do you have a personal interest in any of our planned activities for the coming year (see below)? To volunteer any amount of time or help, please call Dianne Zande (248-391-2746) or Nancy Danko (248-391-1330). We welcome everyone with an interest in peace and justice to our meetings on the second Wednesday of the month (September through May) at 7 pm.  Drop in whenever you can!

Upcoming Peace & Justice Committee Events at Christ the Redeemer

  • November 3: “Friday Night at the Movies”, 13 is a 2016 American documentary by director Ava DeVernay. The film explores the “intersection of race, justice and mass incarceration in the United States;” it is titled after the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which freed the slaves and prohibited slavery (unless as punishment for a crime).Popcorn, pizza and the movie begin at 6:30pm.
  • Many members have made a six month commitment to work on the North Oakland Catholic Parishes (NOCP) Refugee Resettlement Project. This project is a priority and will be the focus in the coming year.
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