Serve as a Commission Member

The Stewardship Commission provides a primary service to both the Parish Pastoral Council as well as to the Parish Commissions. It is responsible for the planning and implementation of actions that best utilize the parish’s financial resources.

Its charter is made up of three main categories; utilization of human and material resources, stewardship through sacrificial giving and preparing and managing a fiscally sound budget.

Committee members have the additional responsibilities of presenting the Catholic Services Appeal program, counting the weekly collection, and overall monitoring of building/grounds and maintenance needs.


1 year
Joanne Gray-Secretary
Bob Inskeep
Cheryl Corrion-Vice Chair & Council Rep.
Andrea Patrello
2 years
3 years
Barb Dery
Nicola Juzysta
Christi Spencer

Stewardship Commission Objectives:

    • Continuing to enhance our Welcome Center, making sure all feel welcomed each weekend.
      • Ongoing work to improve volunteer sign-up weekend and subsequent follow-up to try to make sure all volunteers are included. Continue with digital volunteer sign-ups.
      • Stewardship member to discuss volunteer commitment opportunities card is available at New Parishioners Welcome. Short – hold up card and explain, have available if they are ready to be involved.
      • Assess CTR’s needs; talk with other parishes (Laura Corrion) to prepare a job description for a potential additional staff member, volunteer coordinator. These tasks may possibly be completed by Commission/Committee members?  Complete by March 2018.
    • Find something, scripture study/book for us to read/share each month that will enable us (Commission members) to grow individually and as a Commission.

Watch the Stewardship Commission Video – CLICK HERE


Stewardship Volunteer Opportunities

  • Welcome Center– Volunteers to this ministry greet parishioners in the vestibule before and after each Mass. The goal of this ministry is to promote a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all, including visitors, current and new parishioners and those thinking about joining our Catholic Community. A smiling face and pleasant attitude is all that is required. Volunteers arrive 15 minutes before and remain 15 minutes after the Mass the volunteer to minister.
  • Office Support- Assist in general office duties including copying, mailings, classroom and project support. As needed.
  • Parish Bulk Mailing- Assist in preparing parish wide mailings for the post office. Mailings are done during the workday and offer a fun/social opportunity of meeting other parishioners. As needed.
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