Serve as a Commission Member

Our Worship Commission serves to further enhance our liturgical and ecumenical experiences. The group takes a leadership role in liturgical development through education, planning and evaluation.

Key initiatives include promoting our common work of gathering for prayer, sacraments and sharing the Word of God. This commission is responsible for coordinating the liturgical seasons of the year along with its supporting ministries.

Its primary focus is the worship space and the training of new liturgical ministers, such as Eucharist ministers, lectors and ushers. The commission is also responsible for planning and developing parish liturgies and prayer events in concert with the pastor and music ministry director.

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1 year
Dave Budnick-Chair
Matthew Kilburn-Council Rep.
2 years
Rene Bryce
Michelle Watterworth-Secretary
Karen Geno
3 years
Kristin Locke
Drew Peters
Diana Baran
Young Adult
Jake Ciaramella
Mari Reyes


2017-18 Worship Commission Objectives:

  • Sponsor an enrichment day for all Liturgical Ministries to cultivate discipleship through ministering
  • Encourage each liturgical ministry to develop and implement a formation and training program to be offered on an annual basis
  • Continue developing liturgical ministry training videos.

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Worship Ministries

  • Eucharistic Ministers – Serve Eucharist at Masses. Training required. Sign up at Masses. Should be Confirmed.
  • Lector – Proclaim the Word at Sunday Masses, including Saturday Vigil Mass. Four times yearly. Training required. Scheduled. Should be Confirmed.
  • Usher – Extend hospitality, assist with seating and the offertory collection, distribute bulletins after Mass. Monthly. Scheduled. Training Required.
  • Altar Linen –Launder purification linens and return to church. Weekly, scheduled.
  • Altar Servers – Youth and teens assist the presider during Mass. Monthly, scheduled.
  • Bread Bakers – Bake and deliver communion bread to the church for weekend
  • Church Decorating – Change church decorations according to the liturgical seasons. 6 times yearly.
  • Sewing Fabric Art – Sew new or repair fabric decorations. As needed.
  • Baptism Prep Team – Meet and prepare new parents for the sacrament of baptism as well as assist at the prep class and at the baptisms. Approx. 8 baptisms per year. Scheduled.
  • Communion to Homebound – Take Eucharist to the homebound. As needed.
  • Communion to Nursing Home – Bring Eucharist to the residents at Bortz Nursing Home. Tues. or Thurs., morning.
  • Nursing Home Mass – Assist in celebrating Mass or a prayer service at Bortz Nursing Home the 2nd Friday of every month. Help is also needed to bring the residents to the cafeteria, prepare refreshments, visit and return residents to their rooms. Monthly.
  • Pre-Marriage Sponsor Couple – Parish couples minister to engaged couples preparing them for a Christian marriage. 6 meeting yearly.
  • Wedding Rehearsal Coordinator – Facilitate the wedding rehearsal and provide support on wedding day. Scheduled.
  • Launder & Press Altar Server Robes – Wash and iron altar server robes. Monthly as Needed
  • Music Ministry –  The Music Ministry plays a key role in worship at Christ the Redeemer, and is comprised of the Parish Music Ministers, the Adult Choir and Adult Instrumental Ensemble and Band; Teen Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble. Also included for special events are Kid’s Chorus, and Junior Chorus.
  • Adult Choir and Adult Instrumental Ensemble – 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass. Wednesday evening 6:50 p.m. rehearsal. School year. Additional rehearsals for Christmas, Easter and special celebrations
  •  Teen Instrumental Ensemble and Teen Vocal Ensemble – 11:00 a.m. Sunday Mass. Thursday afternoon rehearsal-4-6 p.m. School year. Teen Ensemble members assist in teaching Faith Formation “Music & Motion Classes” during summer programs & school year.
  • Hymnal Maintenance – Organize hymn books and song booklets in book racks after weekend liturgies. As needed.
  • Seasonal Song Booklet Committee – Copy, fold and staple seasonal song booklets. As needed.


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