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What is a small faith group? Simply put, a small faith group is a gathering of people who are committed to support one another in their faith journey. Small faith-sharing groups allow us to share our faith with others and to grow together in community. Using prayer, shared experiences, and explorations of faith, these small groups can create in a smaller setting a community that enhances the life of the entire parish. They provide the opportunity within a large parish to get to know individuals in a more personal way. They provide the opportunity to support and encourage others.

Who might belong to a small faith group? How are they formed? This can happen in all kinds of ways. Sometimes people with a similar interest gather…at other times, people who have gone through a similar experience gather in a small faith group to continue that experience.

How often do such groups meet? This can only be answered by the group members themselves. Some groups meet weekly, others once a month, others quarterly. The importance is that the members who are involved are committed to meet when the group gathers.

What happens within the small group setting? Basic to any small group are the opportunities to pray, to share Scripture and to share faith. Some groups focus on a particular aspect of their journey… others sink into the Word of God as a launching pad for discussion.

Now what? At CTR, we already have a number of small groups that meet regularly…Bible study groups, book discussions on Zoom, the choir, MOMS groups, youth group, Social justice committee, commissions, married couples group, etc.

To get involved in a small group or if you have an idea for a new small group, please contact Drew Peters at 248-391-1621 or via email engagement@ctredeemer.org.




Protecting God’s Children is a top-notch safe environment program offered FREE of charge by the AofD. The workshop provides insightful, vital information for parents to help keep their children safe not just at church, but at school, on sports’ teams, community center, etc. It is also a mandatory workshop for anyone who regularly volunteers with our children within the AofD, including here at CTR.

Registration for PGC training and further information can be found at virtus.org.

If you have any questions, please contact Safe Environment at (313) 237-5826 or protectchildren@aod.org.