Volunteer Commitment 

Every year we ask that everyone in this community discerns their service and prays about what they can give in time and talent. 

Maybe it is committing to a new ministry or recommitting, in either case we encourage you to let us know as partners in mission. 

We have a whole list of roles that need assistance and these are the most needed right now.  These are the gold volunteer commitment cards and they can be found in the gathering space at church or below. A more detailed description of each role can be found in the Description Brochure.  

Thank you for your prayerful consideration. 

Volunteer Commitment Forms - Gold Cards - Click Here 

2023-24 Volunteer Decription Brochure - Click Here

In the depths of every heart, love creates bonds and expands existence, for it draws people out of
themselves and towards others...authentic and mature love and true friendship can only take root in
hearts open to growth through relationships with others.
- Pope Francis