Sunday Liturgy and celebrating Mass together helps us live out our faith both as individuals and as part of the wider community. We gather at Mass for Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Jesus is manifest in us through the Word and in the sacrificial gift of love in the Eucharist. We come togther to give thanks, unify our selves to God and each other, share the Gospel of God's Love and Mercy and build the kingdom as the mystical Body of Christ. It is a time to unite ouselves to the saving power of God and be fueled for our faith journey in our lives: our families, our work and our community. There are many parts to play to make this liturgical prayer happen.  To live out our baptismal call as laiety on mission, we all have an essential role and all are welcomed and encouraged to participate.  

MINISTERS of WELCOME (Usher & Greeter) 

Ministers of Welcome are often the first people we encounter each weekend at church. They assist with greeting, seating and the offertory collection, and distribute bulletins after Mass. Monthly. Scheduled. Training Required. 

Eucharistic Ministers serve Eucharist at Masses. They play a critical role in assisting the priest and deacon in distributing Holy Communion, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ with gratitude and joy. Training is required. Sign up before Masses. Ministers should be Confirmed. 

Lectors proclaim the Word at Sunday Masses, including Saturday Vigil Mass. Four times yearly.  We come to know God's love and Jesus Christ through the scripture. We hear the Word of God when it is read prayerfully by the lector in the Liturgy of the Word.  Training required. Scheduled. Should be Confirmed. 


Below are two training videos:


Servers assist the presider during Mass. Monthly, scheduled. Any adults, youth, and children 6th grade and up, are welcome to sign up for the Altar Server Ministry. 

For further information or details regarding the above liturgical ministry roles, please contact Carol Daprai, Worship Assistant, at [email protected] or call 248-391-1621 ext 114 

Media Ministers are needed for each Sunday(Vigil) Mass. The program that is run on the monitors during the Mass is set up prior to the first weekend liturgy.  The monitors are controlled by the monitor minister using the iPad Mini. The iPad shows the current slide on the monitor and the presenter notes for that slide. The notes give instructions for moving to the next slide, etc. There is an orientation needed in order to serve in this ministry, but mostly the orientation will deal with resolving issues that might occur during the Mass.

If you have questions, please contact Mari Reyes: [email protected]


The various components of the Ministries of Music all work together to serve the Liturgy and support the prayer of the Community of the Faithful when gathered for worship and celebration whether at Eucharist, at sacramental celebrations, in prayer services, or significant gatherings of the Community.

For more information about the music ministries CLICK HERE.

Resources for Sunday's Liturgy of the Word 

Read the Sunday readings: usccb.org

Commentary of the Sunday Readings: liturgy.slu.edu