Parish Ministry

The Department of Evangelical Charity as well as our nine member Evangelical Charity Commission strive to help our parish live out their baptismal call to serve one another. We welcome and encourage all members to actively participate in the mission of Christ.

Ministries of Healing

The Ministries of Healing at Christ Our Redeemer are dedicated to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of our community.

Several areas of healing ministries fall under this network, including:

Pastoral Care of the Sick

Our community has been blessed with a number of compassionate, caring individuals who have the gift of being present to others, and are committed to embodying the healing presence of Jesus as they minister to those in need. Pastoral Care Ministers are available to visit, pray with, and bring Eucharist to adults and children at home, in hospital, hospice, etc.   If you are interested in receiving a visit by a member of the Pastoral Care Ministry, please contact the Christ the Redeemer’s Evangelical Charity Department, 248-391-1621 ext. 117.


  • Parish Office: 248-391-1621 To place a name on the Sick List; request Sacrament of the Sick; etc.
  • CTR Evangelical Charity Office – ext. 17 Karen Swietlik and Lisa Pratt – Co-Coordinators Pastoral Care Ministry, Assistance to Families in Crisis, etc.

Parish Hospitality

Tender Loving Cookers (TLC)- Our cooks of the parish prepare a meal for a family in crisis.

Funeral Luncheon Volunteers –Volunteers are needed to help with set up, food preparation, serving & cleanup at funeral luncheons.

Funeral Luncheon Food Donors- Parishioners may also sign up to donate food (vegetable & fruit platters, cold salads and desserts) for a funeral luncheon.

Coffee and Donut/Bagel Ministry –Volunteers prepare coffee and set up donuts, bagels, juice (and clean up) following Sunday morning Masses.

Special Event Hospitality- Volunteers may be needed at special events throughout the year such as New Parishioner Welcome, Vicariate meetings, and Confirmation receptions.

Soup Makers- Provide a pot of soup for Soup Suppers during Lent and/ or other occasions. Blood Drive Hospitality- At the drive, volunteers serve refreshments to the donors.

Cookie Cherubs- Our sugary sweet cookie bakers provide 1-2 dozen homemade cookies for parish functions.

Launder Table Linens and Towels –Volunteers launder table linens and towels following special events.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry was founded in 1975 and is found in more than 160 Christian denominations across the United States, Canada, and in 24 other countries. Christ the Redeemer has been a Stephen Ministry parish for over 25 years and more than 200 people have been trained as Stephen Ministers in our parish.

Stephen Ministry is a program designed to provide high quality, confidential, Christ-Centered care to people who are hurting and struggling through a difficult time in life—experiencing grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or some other life crisis.

A Stephen Minister undergoes 50 hours of training and works in continual consultation with our supervision team, as well as, receiving continuing education.

Are you interested in learning more about becoming a Stephen Minister?  Here’s what Stephen Ministers frequently say about their training:

  • Stephen Minister training teaches principles and skills that equip you to provide high-quality, Christ-centered emotional and spiritual care to others.
  • You gain insight into the thoughts, feelings, and actions of people who are hurting.
  • You develop relational and caring skills you can apply to all aspects of your life.
  • You deepen your faith as the Holy Spirit fashions you into a Christ-centered caregiver.
  • You feel a special bond with those in your class—experiencing real Christian community.
  • Stephen Minister training is a lot of fun!

If you or someone you love is in need of a Stephen Minister or you would like more information about becoming a Stephen Minister, please contact Karen from CTR Evangelical Charity 248-391-1621 ext 17.

Stephen Ministers receiving a blessing at Mass. 

Other Parish Ministries

Visit Parishioners in Hospital or Homebound – Visit Parishioners in the hospital or at home. Scheduled as needed

Blood Pressure Screening –  Check the blood pressure of parishioners after Masses.  Volunteers skilled in this area are needed to take and record blood pressures.  6 x yearly.

Peace & Justice Committee – This committee seeks to respond to the challenges placed before us by the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teachings.  Meets monthly.

     Serve as a Committee Member

     The Christ the Redeemer Peace and Justice Committee seeks to respond to the challenges placed before us by the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching:

  • Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  • Call to Family, Community, and Participation
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  • The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
  • Solidarity
  • Care for God’s Creation

We research the causes and effects of conditions that impact the lives of the poor and marginalized within our communities.  We showcase and support acts of mercy organized and carried out by members of Christ the Redeemer Parish and the larger community. We share the fruits of our research with the community.  We participate in opportunities for action.


Hugh & Ronaele Bowman
Susan Buzzitta
Don & Nancy Danko- Emeritus Members
Marilyn French- Chairperson
Christina Griesser
Fred Koehler
Marcia Nannarone
Jacques Pasquier
Jim & Mary Pergeau
Judith Runk
Barb Staniszewski
Paul Tremblay
Dianne Zande- Emeritus Member 
The Peace and Justice Committee needs help! Are you a good salesperson or poster creator? Do you have a favorite ecology related topic to share? Can you pick up material from downtown? Are you willing to share your favorite soup recipe?   To volunteer any amount of time or help, please call Marilyn French at (248) 287-7006.  If interested, please call Marilyn for updated meeting information.

Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching A description of the Church’s social teaching about building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society can be found at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website: http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/catholic-social-teaching/seven-themes-of-catholic-social-teaching.cfm

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