Discipleship Formation


Our Discipleship Formation team aims to provide opportunities for children to grow in their relationship with God and with our community of faith. Our primary goal is to communicate to all our children that they are loved by God. In our atrium spaces we aim to create comfortable, prayerful spaces where they can engage in age-appropriate spiritual reflection around our scriptures and liturgy and offer creative and thoughtful responses. We believe very strongly that fear and guilt are never a message or motivator that will be used to communicate to the children. We select bible stories and prayers from our tradition that give them a well-rounded view on the story of God with the hope of instilling the central and most essential values of our faith that Jesus taught us: love, hope, peace, generosity, kindness, etc.

We deeply respect and acknowledge parents as the primary catechist(s) for their children and invite you to think of us as your “spiritual support staff.” Please use the menu entries below and select items to locate the information you are looking for. If you are unable to find an answer to your particular question, you are welcome to contact us at 248-391-1621x120 or via dre@ctredeemer.org. God bless you and yours.

Discipleship Formation Commission 

Our Discipleship Formation Commission takes the lead in advancing the teaching mission of the church by cooperatively developing, evaluating, and promoting faith formation and sacramental preparation programs for children preschool through eighth grade.



Jim Maxfield
Terry Wyza
Sherie Zale
Estela Tapia
Patricia Trautman


Suzy Rhadigan

  • Education Volunteer Opportunities

    • Office Support- Assist in general office duties including copying, mailings, classroom and project support. As needed.
    • Parish Library- Keep the materials organized in the Christ the Redeemer library. As needed.
    • Atrium Catechist – Serve children in one of our three atrium spaces, grades PreK-1st, 2nd-4th or 5th-7th.
    • Atrium Assistant Catechist: Assist Atrium Catechist in guiding children with activities in Atrium.
    • Substitute Catechist Substitute for a faith formation program when the regular catechist is unavailable. Lesson plans provided.
    • Youth Aide for Faith Formation/Atrium– Youth grades 8-12 assist our catechists in the atrium.
    • Sacramental Preparation Assistant – assist in our Sacramental Programs for First Eucharist, First Reconciliation and Confirmation